Environment Fund

Donate to the Environment Fund
The amount of financial support we can give to reseach projects depends on the amount of donations received to the Fund. Donations of $2 and more to the FNCV Environment Fund are tax deductible, and a tax receipt will be issued.

To make a donation to the Environment Fund you can either:

  • Mail a cheque to the FNCV, PO Box 13, Blackburn 3130 or,
  • Pay directly into the FNCV bank account. Bendigo Bank, BSB 633-000 A/c Number 123098725 . Please use your name and "enviro" as your reference.
When you donate you can be assured that 100% of the money will go to the successful applicants. All administration fees are met by our Club and all time spent on administering the fund is voluntary.

The FNCV Environment Fund has been set up to support the objectives of the Club in relation to the environment.

The FNCV Environment Fund has the following purposes:

  • to support and finance environmental research, in particular research into the biodiversity of Victoria.

  • to support and finance dissemination of information on the natural environment by any legitimate means, including public lectures, seminars, field trips, courses and publications.

  • to support and finance practical projects aimed at preserving and enhancing the biodiversity of Victoria.

Grants are awarded annually. Details on grant applications are available by request from the FNCV Office.

We look forward to receiving many more interesting and exciting project proposals.

In the past the FNCV Environment Fund supported the following projects:


  • Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests, Mt Alexander Region: Contribution to production of "Acacias of the Mt Alexander Region, A Field Guide". $1000
  • Friends of Warrandyte State Park (FOWSP): Contribution to the purchase of a computer to assist in the work of FOWSP. $500
  • Travis A Heafield, Masters Student, Melb Uni: Funding for field collecting excursions for fungi belonging to the genus Laccaria. $900


  • FNCV Junior's Group: Replacement of 2 toilet tents and purchase of petrol powered auger. $600
  • Phoebe Burns PHD student. Melb Uni: For purchase of equipment used to investigate the potential relationship between soil moisture(rainfall) and Smoky Mouse abundance in the Grampians-Gariwerd National Park. $460
  • Bairnsdale FNC Juniors: Contribution to the purchase of 3 dissecting microscopes. $1000
  • Sale FNC: Contribution to the production of 2000 Brochures of 100 significant Birds of the Sale Common State Game Reserve. $1000


  • Andrew Christie, Lecturer Melbourne Polytechnic: Survey of marine pest species, the Giant Fanworm, at the Point Cook Marine Sanctuary. Students from the Polytechnic and Marine Care Point Cook will be involved in the project. $778
  • Darcy Watchorrn, Honours student Deakin University: Study of the breeding behaviour of free-ranging koalas in the Otways. $500
  • Binginwarri Landcare Group: Ongoing work on a database of indigenous species for several differing geographical areas within the district. $505


  • FNCV Botany Group. Conservation of the Maroon Leek-orchid. Clyde Grassland. $752
  • Yarran Dheran Nature Reserve. TV, $981
  • Wildlife Experiences, Investigation into the stygofauna of Port Campbell Limestone,$945
  • FNCV, Juniors and Terrestrial Invertebrates Groups, microscopes, $990
  • Dr Graeme Lorimer, Illustrated Identification Key for Vic Stipoid Grasses, $1000


  • FNCV Botany Group , Conservation of the Maroon Leek-orchid. Clyde Grassland. $985
  • Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, I Pad and GPS, $989
  • Patrick -Jean Guay, Satellite tracking Grey Teal, $1000
  • Lucy Johanson, Masters Student, Research on Native Bees, $470


  • FNCV Fauna Survey Group, 2 little Acorn Cameras, $568.00
  • Mange Management Inc., Notebook computer and screen, $992.00
  • FSG Bat Group, Bat Flyers, $300.00
  • Maryborough FNC, BenQ MX710 projector and bag, $1,000.00
  • John Patykowski, Research into Pomaderris vaccinifolia, $1,000.00


  • FNCV Fauna Survey Group, 2 sets of electronic scales, $160
  • Wildlife Victoria, Grey-headed Flying-fox rescue kits, $522
  • Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater, Garmin GPS62S unit, $465
  • Patrick-Jean Guay, Victoria University, Two taxidermed ducks — one Black Duck and one Mallard — to be used in talks discussing the hybridisation of these 2 species, $885.