Leave a lasting legacy

You can support the work of The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria by remembering us in your will. A bequest, no matter how small, helps to further our aims of stimulating interest in the study of natural history and preserving and protecting the natural environment of Australia, in particular the flora and fauna of Victoria. A bequest to the FNCV would be a lasting tribute to this important work.

If you wish to make a bequest to the FNCV in your personal will, please use the wording below under the advice of your solicitor:

"I _____________(full name), give the sum of $_____(amount) free of all duties and testamentary expenses to The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Inc., Reg. No A0033611X, ABN 55 791 612829 of 1 Gardenia Street, Blackburn, Victoria 3130 for its general purposes. The receipt of any authorised officer of this organisation is sufficient discharge to my executors in respect of that gift."

NOTE: The wording above is intended as a guide only and legal advice should always be sought when drafting a will.

vanessa-itea-larva (30K)
Vanessa itea larva (Yellow Admiral)
Photographer: J. Hubregtse